4D Russian Pre-Fan Volume Lashes - D Curl - 0.10

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Our Russian pre-fans are super volume and ultra-lightweight and only £4.50 per tray.  Each lash is symmetrically perfected to ensure you can create the most amazing lashes on your clients in half the time!

Our 4D Russian fans are available in D curl with a 0.10 thickness - perfect for creating that gorgeous dramatic set of Russian lashes!

Designed to give you a very glamorous look with lots of lift and super volume! It is all about the drama with these beauts!

Our lashes are cruelty free being made for the highest quality PBT Fibre (Polybutylene Terephthalate). This technique not only means that they retain their curl and appearance but it gives the most amazingly soft and flexible lashes which have the most incredible natural glossy sheen.  Lashes create a voluminous, fluffy effect that lasts for weeks.